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Primofiori Lemon

Spanish lemon fine and thin skin. From September 15 to April 30.

  • Del 15 de Septiembre al 30 de Abril


This variety probably comes from seed germination Lemon Common originating in Vega Alta del Segura, in Murcia. It is also known by the names of Waiter, Blano and Fino.

The tree is very vigorous, medium to large, and prone to producing buds with thorns. It is flourishing again slightly. The leaves are longer and wider than the Verna lemon. Pollen viability is high. The variety is self-compatible.


The fruit size is slightly smaller than the Verna, more smooth, thin crust. The pulp has a high juice content of high acidity, and average number of seeds. The higher the temperature at flowering, increased number of seeds. Oval. The rind of the fruit is thin and smooth. Estilar nipple presents little pointy. The insertion of the fruit to the peduncle no neck.

Agronomic considerations

Very high fruiting. Collection starts being green, when it reaches the size and percentage sufficient lemon juice. It is best that the Verna frost recovered and best adpater to different soil types.

It is very productive and some reflorescente. Grafted on sour orange does not present the problems of formation of crinoline.

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