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Lane Late Orange

Variedad tardía de las Navels, alto contenido de zumo, es la estrella de las naranjas por su alto contenido de azucares.

  • 1 de Febrero al 15 de Marzo


This variety of orange tree is native to Spain (Vinaroz, Castellón) from a spontaneous mutation of the Washington Navel detected in 1948.

The tree is vigorous with presence of spines that are smaller in the branches of fruiting. His bearing and appearance are similar to the Washington Navel variety, although it is more vigorous, and more vertical growth trend. Flowers lack pollen.


The fruit is medium to large, slightly lower than the Washington Navel and of superb quality. Without seeds. An orange or yellowish-red color. Fruit shape is elongated or ellipsoidal round. The bark of the orange skin is soft and smooth.

The navel there negligibly to be smaller than other varieties of navel group. Estilar area slightly pointed. The fruits of this variety have a great organoleptic quality.

Agronomic considerations

On average fruiting requires treatment for ripening, and adequate levels of micronutrients in the subscriber.

Maturation is slightly lags of its parent, but the collection can be effected at about the same time in the Washington Navel. The fruits can remain on the tree for at least three months without loss of merchantable quality; for which, given that the fruit has little adherence when mature stem, would require treatment.

At maturity, the cortex is sensitive to the wind and can be produced such injuries «pateta rat», which are more pronounced if the pattern is Citrange.

It is a variety which has proved very productive, but the application of appropriate cultivation techniques have significantly improved their production. It has a growing interest in areas of middle and late harvest.

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