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Navel Powell Orange

Elevado contenido en vitamina C.

  • Del 15 de mayo al 15 de Junio


This variety of orange originated by spontaneous mutation in a tree yolk Washington Navel, discovered by Joyce Neily in Australia in 1987.

The tree is vigorous, large, well developed and open growth habit and rounded shape similar to the Washington Navel. It presents a thorn in the branches of greater force. Flowers lack pollen.


The fruit is large and of excellent quality. Without seeds. Orange. Fruit shape is round. Like other varieties is the Navel group, the fruits have navel.

The richness of the content in orange juice is low acidity and high concentration of sugars, the percentage of dissolved solids, total acids and Maturity Index, very similar to the Washington Navel, although larger. It shows greater adherence to stalk and firmer. It has the drawback that the texture of the pulp is sufficient (reminiscent Thomson Navel) because the walls of the vesicles are hard juice.

Agronomic considerations

High fruiting. By keeping the fruit in maturity good adhesion to the stem and consistency it allows you to have a later harvest. However, early harvest, the fruit has more residue when eaten. Overall, it is a productive variety, late ripening can be collected between 30 and 45 days later than the Late Lanne.

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