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Navelina Orange

Grande y de excelente calidad. Sin semillas. De color rojo intenso

  • del 20 de Octubre al 30 de Enero.


Originally this variety of orange appeared in California by spontaneous mutation of the Early Navel, and came to Spain in 1933, where he was given the name.

The tree is vigorous, thornless, medium-sized and globular appearance. Morphologically tree, glass, growth habit, branches and leaves are very similar to the variety Newhall. Its leaves are large and have a dark green color. Flowers without pollen.


The fruit is large and of excellent quality. Without seeds. Red intense. The elongated fruit shape is round or spherical. As the Newhall, the surface of the cortex, orange peel, also shows a fine roughness, called granite powder. Like other varieties of navel group, the fruit has navel.

Agronomic considerations

High fruiting. It tends to alternating crops, whose harvest takes place a few days after the variety Newhall, since it has more total acids. This causes the same maturity index reaches it later than this, but with a medium advance about two weeks regarding laWashington Navel. Clareta sensitivity.

It is a productive variety, which has a growing interest in early areas.

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