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Verna Lemon

Spanish lemon juice with great content and few seeds. From May 1 to September 30

  • Del 1 mayo al 30 Septiembre


It is a Spanish variety of unknown origin which may have been obtained in Murcia from the Italian variety Monachello.

The tree is vigorous and productive large size, with few thorns. Grafted on sour orange has a variety hypertrophy in the graft level (crinoline). The leaves are smaller than fine. It is reflorescente, pollen viability is medium to low. The variety is self-compatible.



The fruit is of good size than Fino, with a big nipple in the apical region and a neck in the stem area. It has few seeds. The higher the temperature at flowering, presents greater number of seeds. Oval. The bark is somewhat rough and thick, and the pulp has very good juice content.

It is reflorescente and fundamentally has two blooms. The fruits of harvest coming spring flowering, are collected in a phased manner between February and July.

In August-September flowering occurs another whose fruits are called rodrejos or verdelli and are more rounded and smooth and thin crust that harvest; harvesting takes place in the summer of next year.

Agronomic considerations

High fruiting. The harvest starts when the Fino lemon ends. It has slight tendency to alternating crops. The preservation of the fruit on the tree is better than in the Fino variety.


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